Jun 2017

Sailing in Lebanon

By Ahsan Abbas in Travel | Comment
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With over 300 sunny days per year, sea water and perfect wind conditions throughout the year, Lebanon, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, is the ideal location for sailing. Indeed these conditions played an important role in the development of this coastline over thousands of years. For the Phoenicians, Egyptians, Byzantines and the Ottoman […]

Apr 2017

See how large the temple is…

By Ahsan Abbas in Travel | Comment
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  This is the Temple of Bacchus, located in the Baalbeck, Lebanon. In this video you will see how large this temple and understand the scale of one section of a much larger Roman ruin.  

Apr 2017

Ever felt like an ant?

By Ahsan Abbas in General Photography, Landscape Photography | Comment
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I took this photo at The #Temple of #Bacchus also known as the sanctuary of #Atargatis with its 69m length and 36m width and its 18.2m high columns makes you feel like an ant when you walk through its entrance. There is no antique temple of this size anywhere else in the world that is so well preserved. Atargatis was the […]

Apr 2017

Take out your phone!

By Ahsan Abbas in General Photography, Landscape Photography, Travel | Comment
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  I have been in Beirut for the last few days working on a project. Last night, I had an opportunity to explore ‘DT’ or Downtown. We had dinner and no evening is complete without a visit to a cafe. Keeping my camera at my hip at all times, I carried on as per usual […]

Nov 2016

Brought back some memories…

By Ahsan Abbas in General Photography | Comment
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When I saw this couple, it took me back a few years when I saw my parents photos from Trafalgar Square in the 70s! Amazing to think what can trigger memories and I was thinking how our clothes not only are a way to express who we are but also embed emotions of a place […]

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