Apr 2018

Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation by Mathieu Asselin

By Ahsan Abbas in General Photography | Comment
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I recently had an opportunity to drop by the Photographers Gallery in London and found Mathieu Asselin’s project Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation an excellent exhibition. The investigation looks into the practices of Monsanto as one of the largest chemical corporations in the world and their impact on farmers as well as the environment globally. Mathieu’s approach to […]

Nov 2017

The daily struggle

By Ahsan Abbas in General Photography, Sports Photography, Travel | Comment
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  Every day is a hustle for young Ghanaians today. Many young people do not have access to a basic education due to the high monthly fees. Many end up working in the informal sector getting paid day-to-day trying to compliment the household income in any way possible. Some still come every day to train […]

Oct 2017

An afternoon walk through Jamestown, Accra, Ghana

By Ahsan Abbas in Landscape Photography, Travel | Comment
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Jamestown is a popular destination with tourists visiting Accra, and so overtime locals have become more averse to passers-by and in some cases more hardened. The prevailing feeling from talking to locals has been that pictures taken will be sold to magazines and the images will be used as a source of amusement for audiences […]

Aug 2017

Sunset on the way back to Beirut

By Ahsan Abbas in General Photography, Landscape Photography, Night Photography | Comment
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Driving back to Beirut from the Saint Charbel Monastery the sun was setting and so we decided to pull over and enjoy the view. The colours are so radiant and ever changing, for a photographer there an infinite number of possibilities when setting up to take a shot under these conditions. Don’t overthink it, keep […]

Aug 2017

Explore the beautiful Beit ed-Dine Palace

By Ahsan Abbas in Travel | Comment
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  Beit ed-Dine is a small town and municipality in the Chouf District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate in Lebanon. It is about 45 kilometres southeast of Beirut. The area is predominantly Christian, and it is most well known for its 18th century Beiteddine Palace. Built by Emir Bashir II in 1788 the site’s control […]

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