Apr 2017

Take out your phone!

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  I have been in Beirut for the last few days working on a project. Last night, I had an opportunity to explore ‘DT’ or Downtown. We had dinner and no evening is complete without a visit to a cafe. Keeping my camera at my hip at all times, I carried on as per usual […]

Nov 2016

Brought back some memories…

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When I saw this couple, it took me back a few years when I saw my parents photos from Trafalgar Square in the 70s! Amazing to think what can trigger memories and I was thinking how our clothes not only are a way to express who we are but also embed emotions of a place […]

Nov 2016

More than just a record box…

By Ahsan Abbas in General Photography | Comment
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Met this chap at the classic car boot sale earlier this autumn. We got talking about the old record boxes he was selling. They are back in fashion as record sales have rocketed in the last year. Getting ahold of quality record boxes has not been easy though (gap in the market here!). He picks them […]

Nov 2016

What ya say guv?

By Ahsan Abbas in General Photography | Comment
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I took this photo just outside King’s Cross Station, London. These chaps were hilarious, it was if I had been transported back in time. They had the gift of the gab, dress and accessories to match! Brilliant!

Oct 2016

By Ahsan Abbas in My Photography | Comment

Last weekend, I visited a classic car boot sale in King’s Cross, London. This area has been going through some serious gentrification. So, when I heard about this one-off event, I packed my camera and made my way down early Saturday morning. The day started off bright and sunny but as I drew closer to […]

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