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A night out at Mosaique Festival 2015

A train journey not to miss!

Ahsan Abbas

If you find yourself in Cape Town, don’t miss a train ride from the City Centre to Simon’s Town and go on ‘Third Class’. Once past Muizenburg the train hugs the coastline and you will have some breathtaking views of the bay. For 18 Rand return, it is a great day out, with plenty of opportunities to see unique points of the coastline. I enjoyed the journey as I got a chance to see a real glimpse of Capetonian life which otherwise is easily avoided on the tourist trail within the city. On arrival at Simon’s Town walk downtown or perhaps take a local minivan. It takes about 20mins brisk walk to Boulders Walk where you can see penguins on the Cape. It’s a must see, be sure to walk to both viewing platforms on at the National Park (one which I almost missed!). The background views of the bay alongside penguins popping out from everywhere is a great place for any photography enthusiast. Don’t forget to take a zoom lens, 70-200mm would be sufficient for pro or amateurs alike. I came here in the afternoon and really enjoyed the few hours I spent here. On the way back (depending on time) you can stroll back to the town centre, there are more opportunities to get some landscape shots of the bay area, before stopping over in town for a quick coffee and heading back to the station for the ride back to the city with sunset views of the bay.

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