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Extreme Photography

How can I take great pictures on extreme activities?

Extreme activities in life look more elegant when recorded digitally. Travel, adventure and sports are often filled with such extreme activities. Adventure cum travel photography requires experienced hands for best results. Any outdoor photo-shoot is always a challenge considering you do not have readymade settings with light and contrast. When the pictures are taken with know-how of basic photography tweaks, the pictures are nevertheless rewarding.

Extreme Photography

Jumping Skiier

Here are few tips to take great pictures on extreme activities:

Carry your camera everywhere:

You would never know when you are going to spot your photo location. Choose a cam which comes in handy, hence its available every time you need to take a snap. Original moments happen in life quick and unexpected; having no access to camera would be the last thing you would wish for.

Feel the place:

Getting inspired visually alone doesn’t provide with the appetite for taking amazing pictures. Blend with the people, their culture and get a taste of their food. Try to know about things which would make you understand the emotions and story of the place

Keep it original:

Some of the legendary photographers have earned all their fame by keeping their photographs as original as possible. Make better use of natural light unless you have the necessity to go for flash.

Do not worry about size:

Size of the frame doesn’t matter when you are snapping extreme activities. Work more on the action and connection with environment rather than trying to cover the entire scenery.

Spot the vantage point:

Getting the correct angle is vital in taking an amazing photograph. You can always do a trial an error by going low and high. Nothing beats a bird’s view or typical top angle in photographs.

Sense your surroundings:

Use natural settings to most part of your photography for best results. Concentrate on exploration of the place, to choose your ideal photo spot. Look out for the unique feature of the area you are in.

Be Human:

Have the basic courtesy to respect people’s privacy. Don’t shoot people who don’t want to be snapped. Nothing stops you from enjoying and relaxing since you are involved with travel photography. Save some time for yourself to leave your camera behind and enjoy the travel. Relaxing should go hand in hand with your photography.

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