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Ten top tips on how to take great photos of flowers that will make people feel special when they receive it

Flowers make great subjects for photographs. Their variety in kind, color and gradient makes them special subjects. They are the most fancied subjects for ages in development of photography. From postal photo templates to wallpapers, they are everywhere. Listed here are ten top tips on how to take great photos of flowers that will make people feel special when they receive it:

Tripod in place, saves the day:

Heavy tripods are worth every pounds of weight in flower photography. Have a steady place for camera is essential to capture flower photos. Shakes could disturb needed high precision via focus and exposure.

Manual mode does the trick:

Auto mod always fails at exposing bright spots. Flowers offer a variety of colors and levels are going to be hap hazardous. Manual mode ensures proper exposure on the whites.

Watch the weather:

Changes in weather can be your friend if you watch it right. Check for meteorological reports and gain more information from locals. For example, covering dew on flowers could result in elegant flower photographs.

Patience is the key:

Patience is needed to work with every different idea that comes to your mind. You need to wait for light sources to shine at hardest and other natural outdoor settings to come good for you.

Know your flowers:

If you maintain a journal or similar tracking book, noting the name of flower is essential. When your recipient ask for the name, you can’t sound dumb.

Select best viewpoint:

View point determines the complete composition of flower photograph. Get to your knees, if your desired viewpoint demands it.

Gardening tools are important too:

You don’t have to position yourself corresponding to your shot every time. Whenever possible get garden tools to position the flower for you.

Composing your album:

Get your subject in middle of the frame. Consider plant’s height, availability of types of shots to plan your composition.

Indoors can work at times:

Indoor settings come in handy during tough weather. You don’t need an improvised high end photo studio for taking decent flower photos

Keep an eye on wind:

Wind can be the worst enemy in flower photography. It disturbs exposure, focus and all settings. Be wary about wind.

Top 10 ways to shoot Still Life on your camera phone

Still life photography demands technical precision which is often overshadowed by it artistic demands. Your subject never poses for you, but you make them pose. The subjects are there everywhere with countless shots for taking and it relies on you to make them look good. When it comes to phone photography, it’s completely a different ball game. High end cameras could have their limitations with mobility which is never an issue with camera phones. These handy devices allow you to work flexible but within their technical limitations. Lister here is the 10 different ways to shoot still life photographs on your camera phone. 

Never overlook top angle shots:

Birds view is the way to go in landscape photography. Nevertheless it has its place in still life photography also.

Show case items like you seem them in day to day life:

Best way to show a subject when you are not sure about its theme, would be to cover them as we see them in day to day life.

Extract the abstract component:

Abstract feelings are tough to derive from subjects, but if you can bring out your creative eye to things, it is possible to get there.

Use a painter’s perspective:

You can notice that some renowned pictures would be lookalikes of paintings. With few techniques in focusing, such effects can be brought up.

Work with different light settings and glows:

A shine at the far end of apple or a reflective effect on squared objects are some basic effects which can save your day.

Digital tools are your friends:

Tools like picassa and Photoshop could help you in correcting mistakes that happened in your shot. For instance bad exposure can be corrected with ease.

Check out helpful mobile apps:

There are several free android apps to help you in still life photography. Some iPhone apps are costly, but it worth’s every cent.

See popular works for inspiration:

It is common to go out of ideas when you are overdoing phone photography. In cases where you get stuck, check for renowned works for ideas.

Try a variety of subjects:

Trying different angles on same set of subjects is fine. But why should you grind more on things that has been overused? Try subjects that you hardly considered before.

Have a story to share:

Recreating a photo should have the intent of sharing your story. Make sure you are portraying your intended emotions in the best possible way.

How can you take great pictures of flowers with your digital camera?

The first investment you make after you get inspired by photography is going to be your digital camera. Capturing still life and portraits are readily available for a start. As you advance, you would like to make progress in subjects which brings out abstract feelings. One of the classical examples in this type is flowers. So, your springs or summer has come, its time to pack your meal for outdoor photo-shoot of flowers.  Gardens, parks or even the sides of roads can offer views of flowers to shoot. If you happen to live in a hill station, keep an eye on flower exhibition calendar.

Flower photography expresses abstract feelings. It thus depends on the ability of photographer to do it in the best possible way. Flower photographs could deceive you on evaluating the level of hard word it requires to shoot it. A good flower photograph starts with you preparation. Work out a plan to decide on what type of shot you need, what depth you would like to have, how you are going to light the subject and so on. Make sure to show flower on a different perspective. Getting down to knees to get a different angle should be your first move for that.

Take time to get a feel of colour, shape and visual appeal of the flower. Decide what depth you want to have by experimenting with your lenses. Focus should be the key to photograph. But focusing entire frame could result in a distorted photograph. Put your mind on isolating your subject and getting the background off focus. The closer you get to the flower, the easier it is to isolate the flower. Choose your angle wisely to attain contrasting background. A top angle could help you get a grassy green backdrop. Light weight cameras are preferred to make adjustments with the angle.

Flowers can bring out various abstract feelings. Have a theme in mind before you start creating your flower photos. If you are a beginner, try shooting on automatic mode. Choosing levels of flash is also going to be a challenge for beginners. A water spray and indoor flower pots make flowers relatively easy subjects for beginners.


Choosing a subject to photograph for Still Life Photography

Photography as an art suits creative people only. Still Life photography is one section of photography where experimentation is easy. You never need a volunteer to pose as subject. Everything you are going to deal with is still objects. Your search for subjects in still life photography starts from home. Though the high availability of subjects is beyond doubt, you could be bogged down with lack of variety very quickly. Still life objects have to be chosen with great care. The objects would essentially carry a weight of meaning in religious, social, political, personal, spiritual, cultural, and many other fonts.

Most of the time, a subject is created rather than being chosen. The shape, colour, texture and other attributes every subject has, provides a unique appeal. Camera angle, zoom and improvised settings are your friend in recreating the object. Never compromise in efficiency of your subject selection process since you have all available objects and settings you desire, when it comes to still life category. Think about the backdrop and complimentary objects that comes with your subject. Found still life objects makes great subjects too.

Few common subjects in still life photography:

  • Flowers: Flowers are typical favourites for photographers in still life category. Flowers could help deliver any message. They can symbolise season and mood. Every different flower has its meaning. For instance rose represents love and sunflower represents purity.
  • Eatables: Food such as fruits, vegetables could make good photo subjects. The fresh or ripen state helps great deal in symbolisation. Recognize the theme you desire and use corresponding state of food items
  • Plants, Shells, Feathers and other elegant subjects.

Most of the time, going by instinct could help us chose amazing subjects. First thing that captures your eye when you look around yourself would mostly be the best possible subject. Collection of items could make up for a great shot. Improvising on that would be to focus a single object while keeping others out of focus. Your creativity helps in showing the same object differently. Practice makes your shots come perfect. Try experimenting with a lot of objects and settings to master still life photography.

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