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Top 10 Photography Gifts for Christmas


  1. Spider Holster

Christmas is the time when we need to take pictures of different situations, such as night time photography and macro photography. Sometimes, we need to use different cameras, maybe use a DSLR, or perhaps a point and shoot camera. Or maybe we need another lens, or a variety of filters, to bring out the best effects for our pictures. With a spider-holster, taking Christmas pictures will surely be an easy one for you because you don’t need to strap on those slings on your shoulders wherein they can just fall off and damage your cameras and other photography stuffs, rather, it is just strapped onto your pelvis muscles, which makes it easier for you, knowing that these are the strongest muscles in your body. It is just a big sigh of relief for you.

  1. GoPro Head Strap

GoPro had exponentially grown popular in the recent years, which had just widened the market for accessories that can be used with GoPros. These GoPro head straps will surely give a big smile to the avid GoPro user who wanted to go on adventures and treks. This is for the type of person who loves to go outdoors and take pictures, or perhaps take videos of his or her travels. It is a cheap, but surely a valuable piece of gift.

  1. Fisheye Lenses for Phones

You have that friend or family member who just can’t live without a phone to use it as his or her camera? Then this is the perfect gift for you, for it will surely raise a smile on their faces. Fisheye lenses will give a very cool effect to your pictures. Just attach or latch them into your phone’s camera at the back, and you will see that everything just stretches outwards just like a fish’s eye.

  1. Camera Lens Mugs

Though this cannot be used to take pictures or get you anything close to take a picture, still it is a very cool photography gift for Christmas, because you get to feel your passion, and use your passion in doing simple things like drinking. Use this mug whenever you want to, and get to deceive other people that you are drinking from your own camera’s lens.

  1. Gorilla Pod

Had enough of those boring tripods that you usually see being used by photographers? Well, it’s Christmas time, and it is time to get enough of the usual things in life. Get your hands on a gorilla pod, and you will literally break through gravitational limitations. Gorilla pods lets you attach these tripods onto anything by bending its sort of gorilla-squid-molecule hybrid legs onto anything, and you will have insanely and sort of impossible angles in taking your pictures.

  1. Underwater Digi-Cam

What’s with digi-cams that we can’t live without them? It’s because that they are easy to use and that you can just simple point at something and take a picture of them with just one hand in just a second. This is the best handy gift that you can give to people who always are having a fun time in water, and loves swimming and going on a trek. You don’t need to be scared that water will splash on you, because you can just simple dive onto the water with your digi-cam on your hand, and take pictures of those memorable moments under water. Who says you can take pictures on another dimension?

  1. Aquapac DSLR Camera Case

Perhaps those underwater digi-cams aren’t enough for you because it just can’t give you the exact quality that would match your ideal and perfect picture in using your DSLR. This is the thing with professional photographers, and that  they would not settle for less. With an Aquapac camera case, you can just simply wrap your DSLR with it, and you are then guaranteed to make your DSLR waterproof. Dive onto the water, or perhaps, take breathtaking pictures near the waterfalls or who knows what. Try it out for yourself.

  1. 360 Spinner Pano Camera

Knows someone who likes taking photography to the next level? Perhaps this is the perfect gift for that person. With a 360 Spinner Pano Camera, you don’t need to manually turn your hand with your camera and spin it to the environment which surrounds you. With this, the likelihood that you will get those jagged and distorted pictures will go to an absolute zero, because you just need to turn the knob and it automatically spins, taking a panoramic picture of the 360 degrees environment.

  1. Pop-Up Flash Bounce

You may have seen pictures with flashed out white portions, or perhaps pictures that are overexposed and everyone’s faces in the picture look unnaturally white, more like ghosts or vampire zombies or whawtever you call them. With a pop-up flash bounce, you can say goodbye to these issues, because it lets your flash just bounce off and reflect to your subjects, making them brighter and lighter, but in a very natural way. You just need to attach this onto your camera’s flash. The light from the flash then just reflects off the glass, and is directed upwards, thereby spreading natural light throughout the subject or subjects.

  1. Green Screen Kit

This is probably the coolest gift for Christmas for it lets you to go to places in just an instant. With this, you can bring someone to the moon, or perhaps put someone on a Beatles concert, or who knows what. This is the best gift if you are a big fan of post processing or doing photoshop. With a green screen kit, you can simply cut out someone through photoshop, and place them on another background. What makes this way cooler is that it is not just a green screen, but rather it comes with a background stand, and lights.


Christmas is the time when we give gifts and share our blessings. There are a lot of gifts out there, but what do we really need to give to a person of photography? Take hold of these things that would surely make your loved ones say “A Merry Christmas!”

How to take an image from a higher perspective


In this video Ahsan explains how you can change the perspectives from which you can take images from. He demonstrate the actions you can take and what to look for when changing your positioning.

Find out how you can accelerate your photography with his Home Study Course:

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How diagonals can create depth in your photos

In this video Ahsan explains how understanding strong diagonals can greatly improve your photography. He demonstrate the actions you can take and what to look for when trying to create drama in your imagery.

Simple steps to get the best image


In this video Ahsan explains how moving your position in relation to an object or person can greatly enhance the quality of the image you take. He explains a 3 step process which will accelerate your understanding in a very quick and effective manner.

Location: South Bank, London.

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Periscope: @sjourneying
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Canon’s truly crazy camera with 4,560,000 ISO just released.

What does that even mean?!

Canon says the ME20F-SH features an EF lens mount and the ability to capture “high-quality” video even in situations in which the human eye can’t see anything. Its minimum subject illumination is 0.0005 lux, or the equivalent of ISO 4,000,000+.

Furthermore the sensor in the camera allows it to shoot Full HD video while subjects are illuminated with less than 0.0005 lux. To put that in perspective, full moon on a clear night is about 0.27 to 1.0 lux, and 0.0001 lux is a moonless, overcast night. The camera can capture high-quality images of things the human eye cannot see.

Canon ME20F-SH Multi-purpose Camera

Canon ME20F-SH Multi-purpose Camera

Canon ME20F-SH Multi-purpose Camera

Canon ME20F-SH Multi-purpose Camera

Canon ME20F-SH Multi-purpose Camera

Canon ME20F-SH Multi-purpose Camera


Here are some images taken on it:

iso102k iso120K

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