Photography as an art suits creative people only. Still Life photography is one section of photography where experimentation is easy. You never need a volunteer to pose as subject. Everything you are going to deal with is still objects. Your search for subjects in still life photography starts from home. Though the high availability of subjects is beyond doubt, you could be bogged down with lack of variety very quickly. Still life objects have to be chosen with great care. The objects would essentially carry a weight of meaning in religious, social, political, personal, spiritual, cultural, and many other fonts.

Most of the time, a subject is created rather than being chosen. The shape, colour, texture and other attributes every subject has, provides a unique appeal. Camera angle, zoom and improvised settings are your friend in recreating the object. Never compromise in efficiency of your subject selection process since you have all available objects and settings you desire, when it comes to still life category. Think about the backdrop and complimentary objects that comes with your subject. Found still life objects makes great subjects too.

Few common subjects in still life photography:

  • Flowers: Flowers are typical favourites for photographers in still life category. Flowers could help deliver any message. They can symbolise season and mood. Every different flower has its meaning. For instance rose represents love and sunflower represents purity.
  • Eatables: Food such as fruits, vegetables could make good photo subjects. The fresh or ripen state helps great deal in symbolisation. Recognize the theme you desire and use corresponding state of food items
  • Plants, Shells, Feathers and other elegant subjects.

Most of the time, going by instinct could help us chose amazing subjects. First thing that captures your eye when you look around yourself would mostly be the best possible subject. Collection of items could make up for a great shot. Improvising on that would be to focus a single object while keeping others out of focus. Your creativity helps in showing the same object differently. Practice makes your shots come perfect. Try experimenting with a lot of objects and settings to master still life photography.

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