The first investment you make after you get inspired by photography is going to be your digital camera. Capturing still life and portraits are readily available for a start. As you advance, you would like to make progress in subjects which brings out abstract feelings. One of the classical examples in this type is flowers. So, your springs or summer has come, its time to pack your meal for outdoor photo-shoot of flowers.  Gardens, parks or even the sides of roads can offer views of flowers to shoot. If you happen to live in a hill station, keep an eye on flower exhibition calendar.

Flower photography expresses abstract feelings. It thus depends on the ability of photographer to do it in the best possible way. Flower photographs could deceive you on evaluating the level of hard word it requires to shoot it. A good flower photograph starts with you preparation. Work out a plan to decide on what type of shot you need, what depth you would like to have, how you are going to light the subject and so on. Make sure to show flower on a different perspective. Getting down to knees to get a different angle should be your first move for that.

Take time to get a feel of colour, shape and visual appeal of the flower. Decide what depth you want to have by experimenting with your lenses. Focus should be the key to photograph. But focusing entire frame could result in a distorted photograph. Put your mind on isolating your subject and getting the background off focus. The closer you get to the flower, the easier it is to isolate the flower. Choose your angle wisely to attain contrasting background. A top angle could help you get a grassy green backdrop. Light weight cameras are preferred to make adjustments with the angle.

Flowers can bring out various abstract feelings. Have a theme in mind before you start creating your flower photos. If you are a beginner, try shooting on automatic mode. Choosing levels of flash is also going to be a challenge for beginners. A water spray and indoor flower pots make flowers relatively easy subjects for beginners.


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