How to get creative with self portraits


In this sequel video I will explain how you can take creative self portraits and how you can direct yourself in position to the camera for the best results.

Make sure that your camera is set on Monochrome mode as this will have the added benefit of a little more drama in your images and saves you time in post production.

Here are some of the images I took on the day,

Ahsan Abbas | Portrait Workshop |

It is unlikely you will get the settings correct right-away. You will need to keep tweaking the focus until you capture what you are looking for.

Ahsan Abbas | Portrait Workshop |

Don’t stop there, keep adjusting and try new things. In the image above I tried to get a little more of my face apparent in the background.

Ahsan Abbas | Portrait Workshop |

Change up your objects, I had a bottle of water with me and it took a little more adjustment to get this image just right.

Keep going and go with whatever comes to your mind. In the image below I try to capture the tip of my finger. You need to know your distances to get this image just right!

Ahsan Abbas | Portrait Workshop |


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