Pet Photography

Got a pet? Need to take some great pictures but not sure how to? Here is something to get you started!

Pets are lovely things in life. They are lively, extreme and elegant. They bring up numerous emotion and action which deserves to be digitally recorded. Pets help in creating memories and what else is the best way to record it all than picturing it. Unlike us, pets do not pose for the camera as intended. If you have been wishing to take some great pictures of your cute pets and didn’t know the way, these tips and ideas could get you started.

Pet Photography basic tips:

Firstly try to avoid using flash if you can. Flash either results in red eye or your pet getting frightened. Try to shoot outdoors for good amount of light or use the room with large window. Have sharper focus for the eye since its essential in any type of portrait. Show your pet in the way you would see it every day. Use top angle since that’s the way we see our pets day to day. You know more about your pet than anyone else. Give value to your pet’s character and portray him that way. For instance, if your pet is a lazy one, picture him yawning or sleeping. Do not forget to get some close up shots on face. Surprise them at unexpected time and capture that moment with a picture. Patience is important in pet photography and you are going to need it in abundance. This genre of photography needs you to be more creative and you can play around with a lot of experimentation.


Snow Leopard Sitting

Pet Photography ideas:

  • Outdoors wouldn’t be an ideal location for novice photographers. Hanging a background comes in handy and it is easily done with fabric and duct tape.
  • Some pets allow you to get really close. Nothing beats a picture that went very closer to details.
  • Write out some messages and use it on the picture. Dogs or cats with messages hanged on them look way too cuter.
  • Learn to use some props. Props such as glasses, shades, hats, scarves are included in the list. Pet toys are effective additions too.
  • Use photo filters and effects to your advantage. Even simple black and white, vintage filters go a long way.

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