How to take great self-portraits


In this video I will explain how to set your camera settings to take great self portraits and how you can direct yourself in position to the light depending on the mood you are trying to create and how to set the manual settings on your camera for the best results.

I forgot to mention that you can play around with your camera settings a little bit more and set it to Monochrome. This will have the added benefit of a little more drama in your images and saves you time in post production.

To add a little more of a challenge for myself I left my tripod at home, so all these images required a little more ingenuity when trying to capture the moment.

Ahsan Abbas | Portrait Workshop |

Self Portrait: After a first few attempts.

I balanced my camera on my camera bag and used my phone as a support to prop it up a little bit. It is certainly not the quickest way to get setup so don’t try this if you like getting things done quickly and moving on. However if you are little more patient and want to see unique results try going with a few items in a bag and see how you are forced to change your perspective a little.

Is this working?

Is this working?

Once you have had a few successes and you are pleased with your results, change it up a little.

What was that?

What was that?

Play a little bit and change up your poses to get different results. Take time to reflect on the light and where it is coming from. Here the light is coming in on the left hand of my face and with a shadow dropping on the right. It adds a little more depth and drama to the image getting you unique results over time. You can try taking images which fully illuminate your face to get more flatter results, better for perhaps fashion photography.

Ahsan Abbas | Portrait Workshop |

So what are you waiting for?

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