Stunning Cheddar Gorge is definitely worth a visit!

Cheddar Gorge is located in Somerset, England. After a recommendation, I decided to visit the area to get a glimpse of the gorge first hand. A quick check of the weather the day before showed a window of opportunity to head across the country and enjoy a sunny and warm day! The drive from London will take about 3hrs 30mins, give or take, depending on how many stops you make along the way.

Cliff-top views


You need to give yourself time to explore, so my recommendation is to leave early (6 am) in the morning so you can get there bright, early and find a convenient parking spot. It seemed to be busiest after 1 pm until about 5 pm. There is range of things you can do in the location to keep you entertained. The main attraction being Cheddar Gorge itself, you can walk down to Jacobs Ladder and make your way up to the Lookout Tower at the top which has some excellent 360 views. Note of caution, it is about 274 steps to the top, and you can pace yourself with small rest areas as you work your way to the top. Also, when completing the Gorge Walk, I saw lots of people making their way up to the Gorge which I think is free but the route is significantly more tricky for inexperienced walkers as there is no guidance or permanent footpath.


Winding roads back to Cheddar

The Gorge Walk itself is stunning, once at the top you can walk at a leisurely pace and follow the footpath as it straddles the Gorge. Great place for impromptu picnics, taking the dog for a walk or even a few selfies! You can come back down Jacobs Ladder once done or walk the entirety of the Cliff-top Walk which takes about an hour and a half at a leisurely pace. The route down is a little tricky so be careful and make sure you have donned your walking boots before making your way up to the Gorge. Once down you can enjoy a gentle walk back down to Cheddar along with a winding road and take a break at any of the wide variety of cafes or ice cream parlours ranging from Costa to local ones.


Gough’s Cave

After a short break, visit the Gough’s Cave and explore the stunning rock formations that lie underneath. It will probably take about 45minutes to see all the caverns and chambers although with the audio guide maybe even longer and look out for the Cheddar that is stored down there! If you have children, I recommend exploring the Dreamhunters Cave which is a much a more interactive experience of how prehistoric societies may have lived. After, why not stop for an icecream or even buy some Cheddar? You may want to end the day at the Museum of Prehistory which has some interesting exhibits with plenty of information to explore for about 30mins.

For the more active adventurers, you can even go caving or rock climbing! You will need to book this in advance.

Overall, this was an excellent day out, and I highly recommend a visit! If you have any questions or queries get in touch!

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