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Shymbulak Ski Resort- going down from the top


Shymbulak Ski resort is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Travel to Almaty via Astana with Air Astana from all major airports globally. The skiing is up to par with European standards.



Shymbulak Ski Resort- Ski Lift from the bottom

A quick view from the start of the cable car ride at the Shymbulak Ski Resort in Kazakhstan. The ride takes you deep and high in to the mountains. It takes over 30minutes for the cable ride to complete.


Sights to visit in Marrakesh, Morocco


There are many ways to travel to Morocco today. The easiest and perhaps cheapest way is to book a flight with EasyJet or RyanAir in advance, and you can secure some great deals. I have travelled to Morocco 6 times now and everytime I have explored something new that I missed before. If you love warm weather, culture and great food Marrakesh should be at the top of your bucket list to visit!


SJ Portrait Workshop March 2016

Here are the images from our Portrait Workshop from last weekend. We learned about how to use light most effectively in taking portrait shots. The attendees were able to understand how to use their cameras in manual mode with proficiency by the end of the workshop!

Aral Sea and getting there!

On my way to the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan

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