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Give me a job! A walk down South Bank one late afternoon.

I was walking down South Bank, London the other and came to a stop. Sherika had just found her spot and I felt that it was important to be in the ‘moment’. So, I stopped and waited for her to setup- later I would find out that she was a little surprised that I had stopped even before hearing anything.

Before I knew it Sherika had broken in to song and what a voice! Sherika is a 23 year old South Londoner has been gigging for 6 years and has already played at venues such as Ronnie Scotts, The Bedford and Jazz Cafe Camden yet she is mostly known for her busking sessions on the London Southbank.


Her song ‘Give me a Job’ (click above to listen!) which shares her life-experience after quitting university recently went viral on social media and has received over 25,000 shares on Facebook in just 24 hours. The video was also featured on the London Live Tv Channel.

Sherika regularly busks on South Bank because she loves doing what she does. You can really feel her emotion and energy behind the lyrics and melody.

I took some time recording a number of her songs. I edited these videos to bring a different light and energy to the videos.

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You can support Sherika by investing in Album ‘That Busker’s CD’ here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/sherika-sherard/id872441358

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Why I love cinema with Hashim Hassan


Hashim talks about what he is currently working on and his passion for acting and filming. Starting from a young age in Sudan watching American films brought his love for Middle East and North Africa together. In Middle School and High School his love for cinema came through his initial start with acting. After facing challenges in breaking in to a career in acting he moved in to Directing where he was able to explore his love for exploring stories in depth.

Watch the full length interview here:


Soul Journeys with Hashim Hassan



In this feature length interview Hashim Hassan, a Film Director from California, discusses his latest film project ‘Handful of Dates’. He discusses his early career as an actor and how he moved in to Directing. He discusses his passion in relating stories in an authentic and true way. Hashim shares with us his path of discovery, how he overcame his fear and shares valuable tips and thoughts on how everyone can find their path. Hashim speaks passionately about his love for art and the human condition and relates his advice to young film enthusiasts wishing to embark on a journey in to acting and filming.


You can find out more about his film ‘Handful of Dates’ here: http://www.ahandfulofdatesfilm.com/ and watch the trailer here:


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Soul Journeys: Samir Malik Artist, Poet & Calligrapher shares his story and why he is no longer afraid to walk his path without fear

Samir is an artist, poet and calligrapher. Here he discusses the challenges he has faced in his life and how he would advise his younger-self today.

What triggered his early passion for art?
How did he overcome the challenge to continue his artwork at a young age?
Who were his inspirational teachers?
What brought on his career change? What brought him back to art?
What is our place in this universe and what does healing mean?
How did he end up in Damascus, Syria?
How did he overcome the challenges he faced in a country which he didn’t speak the language?
Who were his inspirational teachers?
What does forgiveness mean?
What does it mean to let go?
Is there a destination for life?
What advise he would give his younger self.
What are your values?
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