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Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation by Mathieu Asselin

Walking down the stairs from Level 5 of the Photographers Gallery

I recently had an opportunity to drop by the Photographers Gallery in London and found Mathieu Asselin’s project Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation an excellent exhibition. The investigation looks into the practices of Monsanto as one of the largest chemical corporations in the world and their impact on farmers as well as the environment globally. Mathieu’s approach to the investigation was fascinating and the book he produced with a collaborator from Venezuela drew me into the realities of the work of the corporation. I highly recommend seeing this exhibition which is located on Level 5 at the gallery!

More than just a record box…


Met this chap at the classic car boot sale earlier this autumn. We got talking about the old record boxes he was selling. They are back in fashion as record sales have rocketed in the last year. Getting ahold of quality record boxes has not been easy though (gap in the market here!). He picks them up from other boot sales and on occasions has found some treasures. He doesn’t keep much interest for the records themselves and usually donates them to his local charity shop. A few months ago he received a phone call informing him that one of the records had just been sold for £400! I learned that records need to be looked after carefully, kept straight up, not even at the slightest tilt as they can bend and be damaged quite easily. And what does he do for a living you may ask; a Creative Designer from the East End.

Kazakh Traffic Jam

On my way to Turkestan, Kazakhstan and got held up! Not your usual traffic jam!

Aral Sea 4k Drone Footage – Oil rig

In this video you’ll get a close up of the new oil rig that has just been planted in the Aral Sea. From one environmental disaster to another? Share the post with someone who might be interested! Thank you!

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