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Take out your phone!

Beirut, Zaytouna Bay, Lebanon


I have been in Beirut for the last few days working on a project. Last night, I had an opportunity to explore ‘DT’ or Downtown. We had dinner and no evening is complete without a visit to a cafe. Keeping my camera at my hip at all times, I carried on as per usual and we ended the night with a walk along the marina. A moments inspiration, with the background, technology abound we used out phones as the lightsource to create this image. After a few failed attempts, letter blunders and with the help of two passers-by, we finally got this shot!

Brought back some memories…

Classic look

When I saw this couple, it took me back a few years when I saw my parents photos from Trafalgar Square in the 70s! Amazing to think what can trigger memories and I was thinking how our clothes not only are a way to express who we are but also embed emotions of a place in time wherever that might be. So, I have put a filter on this image to give the viewer a feel of what I saw and felt when I took the photo. What are some of your favourite memories of family and friends?

More than just a record box…


Met this chap at the classic car boot sale earlier this autumn. We got talking about the old record boxes he was selling. They are back in fashion as record sales have rocketed in the last year. Getting ahold of quality record boxes has not been easy though (gap in the market here!). He picks them up from other boot sales and on occasions has found some treasures. He doesn’t keep much interest for the records themselves and usually donates them to his local charity shop. A few months ago he received a phone call informing him that one of the records had just been sold for £400! I learned that records need to be looked after carefully, kept straight up, not even at the slightest tilt as they can bend and be damaged quite easily. And what does he do for a living you may ask; a Creative Designer from the East End.

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