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Sunset on the way back to Beirut

Driving back to Beirut from the Saint Charbel Monastery the sun was setting and so we decided to pull over and enjoy the view. The colours are so radiant and ever changing, for a photographer there an infinite number of possibilities when setting up to take a shot under these conditions. Don’t overthink it, keep it simple and take the shot that you love.


A view from the Saint Charbel Church

A view from the back of the Saint Charbel Church.

Youssef Antoun Makhlouf joined the Lebanese Maronite Order in 1851 and by becoming a monk he took the name Charbel, after a Christian Martyr in Antioch from the 2nd century. The church is a site for pilgrims from Christian and Muslim faiths in Lebanon.

As you walk around the back of the Church you get some spectacular views of the mountainous terrain Lebanon is famous for. Great place to take a few minutes to reflect on the history of the place.

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