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What’s the difference between JPEG, TIFF & RAW?

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

The type of file format you choose will greatly influence the quality of your final images. In short, it compresses an image, settings such as the colour balance, contrast and sharpening. This leads to some details being lost however these are not noticeable by the human eye.

On many digital cameras you will have an option to fine tune the settings of JPEG files in to ‘Basic, Normal & Fine’ If you are going to printing your image to a large format in post-production then aim for a JPEG Fine setting as this will higher quality images which are less compressed.


By shooting in RAW you capture all the information from received by the camera. Essentially it is the digital equivalent of the film negative. If you take an image in this format you will need access to software which will allow you to edit the image e.g. Photoshop to create your final image.

As RAW files are not compressed by the camera they take up considerably more space on your memory card. It would be highly recommended for you to invest in a fast reading memory card which will allow quick reading times when taking photos.

Most digital cameras now have an option where RAW & JPEG files are taken at the same time. So, if you are looking to share as well as develop you can consider this option, although it will take up even more space!

TIFF (Tag Image File Format)

Generally, TIFF files are the middle ground between JPEG & RAW. TIFF is a standard format used in the printing and publishing industry. Being significantly larger than JPEGs they lose no detail but store less information than the RAW format.



RAW images carry the greatest amount of information that can be manipulated at a later date. Use this format if you are going to be editing with Photoshop etc afterwards.

For general use however, JPEG is a perfectly useful format to use with detail being lost which will not be recognisable by the human eye. If you are wanting to print on a large format then you can always switch up to JPEG Fine mode.

Soul Journeys with Marilyn Devonish- Full Interview

Marilyn Devonish is the founder of Trance Formations™, a training, consultancy and coaching company committed to improving and transforming the performance of individuals and organisations. In this interview Marilyn shares with us her journey from her challenging upbringing and her early career choices. She discusses how teenagers deciding at a young age what to do in their lives is exceptionally challenging and that even people in their 30’s and 40’s don’t know what they want to do. She goes on to discuss how her early 20s were spent going along and accepting everything as it was and how it was her fiancé’s affair that took her to the brink and how it ‘broke’ her.

Marilyn goes on to tells us how it took her 12 years to process and understand Oprah’s comment on how to find your passion: ‘What is the conversation if you hear would want you to stop and join in’ and that after stumbling in to NLP how she found her greater calling.

Marilyn discusses the importance of congruency in everything you do and how her clients and participants in her workshops have consistently told her that there was no difference to her stage persona to her personal persona. Marilyn discusses her ‘crucible moment’ and how her range of skills allows her to provide a bespoke service to all her clients. In conclusion she discusses how limitless the potential of the world is and how it is changing so rapidly.

You can find out more about Marilyn’s work on her website here: http://tranceformationstm.com/

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Watched Marilyn’s Soul Journey? Want even more inspiration? Then have a look at a few more of our inspirational Soul Journeyers below:

In this feature length interview Anj discusses how anyone with a passion for something can raise awareness using different platforms today. She talks about how she is continuing to discover herself and, how with time, she continues to learn new things and how she overcame her fears and suggests how others can too.

Anj discusses how through her experiences anyone can take a stand for what they believe in passionately. Anj shares what her business People Help People is currently working on and her lightbulb moment and how that changed everything. Anj shares with us how everyone in life can reach rock bottom and how this is an opportunity for anyone to rise to their real potential and contribution in our world.

In this feature length interview with Stuart Ralph discusses his journey to write his first book and the origins of his passion for marketing. He talks about why he was compelled to write and share his knowledge with others. Stuart shares with us the challenges he faced in his early childhood and how he came to terms with it. He goes on to discuss the ‘wall’ moment and the realisation he came to as a result and how that propelled him in to overcoming all obstacles today and how we as individuals are the cause of our own suffering and suggests ways to move forward away from it. Stuart gives us his top tips on how to get motivated and explains how we can change our habits to achieve growth for ourselves. Stuart discusses the moral challenges facing the marketing world today and how it creates a subtle culture of dependency. Stuart discusses his new project – his new website which focuses on his philosophy, marketing and his passion about selling the truth through awakening people to the born majesty that lies within them.

Stuart discusses why changing direction can be a positive move for any human with a focused discussion on him moving away from Morally Marketed in to ‘Stuart Ralph’ the brand and what truth means to him!





Soul Journeys with Ram Rijal- Sunday 7 June 7.30pm GMT



It’s time for another Soul Journeys LIVE webinar! This Sunday I will be hosting Ram Rijal from Kathmandu, Nepal.

An MIT graduate- Ram was inspired by his classmates and their love for education and decided that he wanted to bring this love and passion back to his home country of Nepal. 
DSC_4207 (1)
However Ram’s story is not at all stooped in riches, his is an amazing journey of a boy growing up at a time of great turbulence in the countryside of Nepal during the Civil War. His journey took him to Kathmandu and later to England to study his IB culminating in studying at MIT. 
On his immediate return to Nepal he setup the Bloom Nepal school with a vision to inspire and create a platform for the youth of Nepal today. 


Want to find out more about the Bloom Nepal schools and how you can donate to support: Click Here


So, if you love a great story, love education, want to learn how you can make a difference or just want to be inspired then join us this Sunday 7.30pm UK time and you will have an opportunity to hear Ram’s story LIVE and ask him any questions you have on his project. So go ahead and click on the link here! We look forward to seeing you there! Please like and share this with one other friend who you think might benefit from this webinar!


Want to find out more about the Bloom Nepal schools and how you can donate to support: Click Here

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