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Why I love cinema with Hashim Hassan


Hashim talks about what he is currently working on and his passion for acting and filming. Starting from a young age in Sudan watching American films brought his love for Middle East and North Africa together. In Middle School and High School his love for cinema came through his initial start with acting. After facing challenges in breaking in to a career in acting he moved in to Directing where he was able to explore his love for exploring stories in depth.

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Soul Journeys with Hashim Hassan



In this feature length interview Hashim Hassan, a Film Director from California, discusses his latest film project ‘Handful of Dates’. He discusses his early career as an actor and how he moved in to Directing. He discusses his passion in relating stories in an authentic and true way. Hashim shares with us his path of discovery, how he overcame his fear and shares valuable tips and thoughts on how everyone can find their path. Hashim speaks passionately about his love for art and the human condition and relates his advice to young film enthusiasts wishing to embark on a journey in to acting and filming.


You can find out more about his film ‘Handful of Dates’ here: http://www.ahandfulofdatesfilm.com/ and watch the trailer here:


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Soul Journeys- Jai’s Journey

What made this Cambridge-educated top corporate lawyer swap the City for a life of sharing the stories of Indian textiles? What was the “aha” moment which led to him walking away from the high life and embracing the simpler and happier life he has now?

Open your soul to Jai’s journey and please share with us your key takeaway in the comments below.

Please also check out the beautiful handcrafted Indian textiles and their stories which Jai shares at www.home-soul.co.uk.

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