Flowers make great subjects for photographs. Their variety in kind, color and gradient makes them special subjects. They are the most fancied subjects for ages in development of photography. From postal photo templates to wallpapers, they are everywhere. Listed here are ten top tips on how to take great photos of flowers that will make people feel special when they receive it:

Tripod in place, saves the day:

Heavy tripods are worth every pounds of weight in flower photography. Have a steady place for camera is essential to capture flower photos. Shakes could disturb needed high precision via focus and exposure.

Manual mode does the trick:

Auto mod always fails at exposing bright spots. Flowers offer a variety of colors and levels are going to be hap hazardous. Manual mode ensures proper exposure on the whites.

Watch the weather:

Changes in weather can be your friend if you watch it right. Check for meteorological reports and gain more information from locals. For example, covering dew on flowers could result in elegant flower photographs.

Patience is the key:

Patience is needed to work with every different idea that comes to your mind. You need to wait for light sources to shine at hardest and other natural outdoor settings to come good for you.

Know your flowers:

If you maintain a journal or similar tracking book, noting the name of flower is essential. When your recipient ask for the name, you can’t sound dumb.

Select best viewpoint:

View point determines the complete composition of flower photograph. Get to your knees, if your desired viewpoint demands it.

Gardening tools are important too:

You don’t have to position yourself corresponding to your shot every time. Whenever possible get garden tools to position the flower for you.

Composing your album:

Get your subject in middle of the frame. Consider plant’s height, availability of types of shots to plan your composition.

Indoors can work at times:

Indoor settings come in handy during tough weather. You don’t need an improvised high end photo studio for taking decent flower photos

Keep an eye on wind:

Wind can be the worst enemy in flower photography. It disturbs exposure, focus and all settings. Be wary about wind.

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