It is a common perception that you should not work your portrait photography with pets and children. It holds true to some extent for portraits, since your subjects are not good posers. But modelling for photo is one thing they provide in excess. Only trap with it is you are not going to get your shots in expected order. Just be playful and capture the cute magical moments with pets. Phone photography gives a great deal of comfort. There is no heavy tripod to carry; rather you have time to explore.

Here are some tips to take amazing pet photos on your phone:


  1. Get down to your pet’s level:

Photographs taken without getting down could keep the pets at far distance. The picture would result in human observation and not pet portrait.

  1. Get In close:

Shape of pets could be a lot of things but not large enough to fit in photographs. You have to make the effort in getting closer to show them big enough.

  1. Show variety in frames:


Add more perspective to the shots by mixing up frames. Always go for the close up shot first. Follow it with a quarter body or full body shot.

  1. Playfulness is the key:

Do not restrict your pets to go for a photograph of composure. Pets bring best poses when you simulate them with treats and toys.

  1. Go outdoors:

Though pet animals have been domesticated for ages, they still possess the wild in them. They bring it back to us and outdoors are the best place to get all the action.

  1. Have a theme:

Nothing can ruin a photograph like lack of concept could. Never go for a concept-void shot. Use places, backgrounds and props to get a theme for your photograph.

  1. Showcase personality:

Photography is about creating digital memories. In the picture, show your pet as how you know it. If it’s a ‘bitey,’ give him something to bite and shot a photo in that pose.

  1. Move the phone along:

Phone photography brings relief from heavy tripods. And what would go bad, when you use the portability to the fullest.


  1. Zoom tool is your friend:

Elongated focal length can help isolate your subject from background. Additionally, zoom enables you to get a close shot when you can’t go close to the subject.

       10. Play it longer:

Patience is the key in pet photography. Pet portraits are not easy to get. Wait for long time to get the best shots out of your pet’s cuteness and playfulness.

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