Pet owners know and appreciate the idea of pet photography. Most of our furry pets unfortunately have a short lifespan. Creating memories would be the route to essence of life. Photography is your ticket to make them digital. Pet photographs must reflect the traits of your pet and reflect the way we see them day to day. Our view comes from the top angle mostly, since not many pets stand taller than us. Photos must resemble similar view.

A good portion of your photographs could have close up shots to the face. Make sure to highlight eye sharply and take care of removing red eye image. Settings related with lighting should focus on not having the red eye and in case you can’t avoid it, digital tools and software comes in handy. To solve the issues we mentioned along with many other issues in this section of photography, usage of suitable equipment becomes inevitable.

Animal Photography


Listed below are some tools, which would help you in pet photography:

Wide angle lenses:

Wide angle lenses could help you to get close shots. Such lenses help in eliminating high levels of distortion. Have a variety of wide angled lenses to help you on every perspective in regards to fun filled photographs.

DSLR camera:

Flash could bring in the problem of red eye and misrepresent colour of fur. Have an advanced DSLR camera which allows you to control flash. It helps with different background settings.

Mono light kit:

In some cases you need to illuminate pet’s fur. This brings you in need of additional lights in the backdrop. Moonlight flash would be needed at times to prevent shadows.


In every sections of photography, you would use a tripod at some place. To place the lights in backdrop, you would need a tripod. It would be useful to place cameras, ideally at 3 feet distance to the pet

Digital photo editing software:

Digital photo editing software helps a great deal to create fun filled pet photographs. There are digital tools to correct red eye too.

Additional Props:

Pet photographs are supposed to look fun filled and playful; least some of them. Use toys to get the pet to play. Treats for pet animals, work in some cases too.

Make sure to involve pet owners in some photographs. Try to show the pet in the light of its character. Create an environment to bring out the playfulness of pets. Stay alert to snap the cute actions which always come unexpected. These tools and some creativity could help you in a long run on pet photography.


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